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Pilar Victoria Shares Upbeat Melancholic Love Song ‘Headphones’

by Diana Wilson
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Pilar Victoria, the rising singer-songwriter sensation, has made a triumphant return with her latest single, “Headphones,” once again showcasing her unparalleled talent. Hailing from Argentina and now settled in Texas, Pilar’s multicultural background infuses her music, creating a unique fusion of soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

From a tender age, Pilar displayed a passion for music, writing songs and mastering instruments since she was just 11 years old. Despite facing challenges, including restrictions on social media usage, Pilar’s determination to share her music persevered. Posting snippets of her original compositions on TikTok, she quickly amassed a devoted following, propelling her into the spotlight.

“I wasn’t allowed to be on social media growing up, but I decided to be anyways,” shares Pilar Victoria. “I began posting small clips of songs I wrote on TikTok and ended up receiving a lot of positive attention. I then decided to take the next step by releasing music onto Spotify, and I had to pay 20 dollars for the distributor service. Once I asked my parents for the money they eventually figured out what I was doing. They weren’t very fond of the idea at first but after a lot of convincing they became very supportive.”

Pilar Victoria’s breakthrough moment she has arrived with her song “Wilted Flower,” which went viral on TikTok overnight, garnering millions of views and propelling her meteoric rise in the music industry. Signing with the renowned label “Platoon,” she released a critically acclaimed EP, collaborating with Grammy-winning producer Rick Nowels, known for his work with icons like Lana Del Rey, Stevie Nicks, Dua Lipa, and Marina.

Now, Pilar steps back into the spotlight with “Headphones,” a poignant reflection on love and loss. Co-written with Rick Nowels in Santa Monica, the track seamlessly blends melancholy with upbeat pop sensibilities, capturing the bittersweet essence of heartbreak.

“‘Blocking out all the sound, we’ll put our headphones on.’ I wrote this song during a time where I knew I was going to be losing someone and I couldn’t handle it. I wanted to block out all the pain and intense emotions I was feeling. I thought the metaphor of putting headphones on was a cool expression of saying how I wanted to tune out all the noise and what was going on around me. I just wanted to be alone in my thoughts. I think sometimes we all just want to put on headphones.” – Pilar Victoria

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