PUMA partnered with global ambassador Cara Delevingne and queer artist Carra Sykes to design a collection that encourages wearers to raise their voices, celebrate their strength, and grow together. At the core of PUMA’s 2022 Pride collection are vibrant logos and graphics that honor self-expression and authenticity.

PUMA’s “Together Forever” Pride collection is defined by a joyous apparel capsule comprising tees, hoodies, shorts, plus a patterned bralette, and matching leggings, all of which feature visuals designed exclusively for PUMA by Carra Skyes. The apparel will be followed later in the year by unisex footwear offerings including the classic Suede low-top sneaker and the versatile Leadcat slide.

“I drew inspiration from team crests and flags as well as other feelings along the way in the design process. When you put on your team’s uniform, there’s a feeling of pride and comfort knowing that you aren’t alone,” said Carra Sykes. “There are people cheering you on, but also people waiting for you to fail. When you show up, when your team shows up, you feel empowered to be fully you. There’s a sense of belonging and togetherness. I hope the collection evokes the feeling of being a part of something.”

PUMA’s “Together Forever” Pride 2022 collection is here; a celebration of love, acceptance, and welcoming of close friends, new friends, chosen family, and complete strangers alike.

Supporting Cara Delevingne, and Carra Sykes, PUMA’s “Together Forever” campaign is fronted by a cast that represents the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community, including Brinda Iyer (@brindanotbrenda), Jalen Dominique (@jalen.xx), Matt Bernstein (@mattxiv), Torraine Futurum (@torraine), and Yassa Almokhamad (@yassayassayassa); shot by photographer LaQuann Dawson (@laquanndawson).

“Pride is not as simple as just being proud, it’s a step you take every day to love yourself, to love your community, to accept others, to lead with love.” – Cara Delevingne

Pride is a celebration, recognizing over half a century of purposeful strides toward equity and community. This year, PUMA pledges to donate 20% of collection proceeds, with a minimum of $250,000, to benefit GLAAD, an organization helping to ensure fair, accurate, and inclusive representations of the LGBTQIA+ community in media and entertainment.

“PUMA’s ‘Together Forever’ Pride collection is a great example of the positive impact that brand campaigns can have when they include members of the LGBTQ community both behind the scenes and within the creative itself,” said John McCourt, Deputy Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at GLAAD.

“By bringing GLAAD in early as a thought partner for the collection, and consecutively working with talented LGBTQ creatives such as Cara Delevingne, Carra Sykes, and LaQuann Dawson, PUMA has created a campaign that does much more than celebrate Pride; it gives visibility to some of the most under-represented members of our community and helps humanize LGBTQ people to their neighbors around the country and the world.”

PUMA’s “Together Forever” 2022 Pride collection is available starting June 1st.