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Rachel Goodle Goes Viral Following Arrest Over Inappropriate Relationship With Student

by Terra

Rachel Goodle, a 22-year-old former Oak Creek High School teacher, has been arrested and charged with sexual assault in connection with an alleged inappropriate relationship with a student.

Goodle was charged with second degree sexual assault of a child under the age of 16, and sexual assault of a student by school staff.

Due to a criminal complaint, the Oak Creek Police Department took note of the alleged inappropriate relationship. In response to the complaint, the school’s resource officer conducted an investigation and discovered that Rachel Goodle had been suspended because of her relationship with a student at the same school.

Rachel Goodle criminal complaint details

When the police were made aware of the situation, they launched an investigation that included the review of surveillance footage as well as interviews with the victim and other students. According to the criminal complaint, there was ample evidence of Rachel Goodle’s close relationship with the victim.

According to the complaint, Goodle and the student have spent an “inordinate amount of time together, and arriving and sitting together at a school sporting event. The two sat away from the student section.”

When the victim was interviewed, it was revealed that rumors about the alleged relationship had been circulating for months. The victim also admitted that the two had inappropriate touching. The victim also claimed that the two had sex in a classroom.

At around 4.49 p.m. on December 2, 2022, surveillance footage shows Rachel Goodle and the victim entering the former’s classroom. Despite the fact that the room was opened in the interim by a custodian at 5.07 pm, the two remained inside until they exited together at 5.42 pm.

The victim’s and their family’s attorney has issued the following statement:

Criminal charges were filed on July 20, 2023, in Milwaukee County against an Oak Creek High School teacher, Rachel Goodle, for 2nd Degree Sxual Assault of a Child and Sxual Assault of a Student by School Staff. The criminal charges arise out of s*xual intercourse and contact with a student of Oak Creek High School, which occurred inside the Ninth-Grade Center. The victim and the victim’s family respectfully ask for their privacy while this matter is pending.

According to the statement, this is the second instance of such a relationship at Oak Creek High School in six years, and an investigation led by the highest authorities is required.

On August 11, 2023, Goodle will be brought before a court. If found guilty, she could receive a 40-year prison sentence.

How did Rachel Goodle case go viral on social media?

A video of a student asking Rachel Goodle, “who’s your favorite student?” has surfaced on social media. “I love all my students equally, I don’t have favorites,” Goodle responded. “Is that a lie?” inquired the student. Goodle responds with “no,” and another student can be heard in the background saying “yes.”

The following segment of the video shows Rachel Goodle’s mugshot, which was featured in The Patch. On Twitter, the video has over 1.2 million views.

Did Rachel Goodle Sue The School District?

Rachel Goodle, according to FOX6 News, filed a lawsuit against the Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District in an attempt to prevent the release of public records about her conduct.

“We’ve at least established a right to have a temporary injunction in place,” said Christopher Hartley, Goodle’s attorney.

The judge issued a temporary restraining order on Tuesday, preventing the district from releasing the records for two weeks. The judge will hear arguments in the open records case on August 17th.

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