Peloton, the world’s leading interactive fitness platform, announced today that its final Artist Series of the year will be dedicated to the recently released Red (Taylor’s Version), the first time the brand celebrates one iconic album in an Artist Series. Starting December 25th, Peloton Members can experience Red (Taylor’s Version) on the Peloton platform for the first time ever. The Red (Taylor’s Version) Artist Series is an international event with classes being offered in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and Australia.
All of the heartbreak. All of the hope. All the classes, Red (Taylor’s Version).

As with all her music, Red (Taylor’s Version) rallies a powerful community of devoted fans and music lovers. The passionate Peloton community of over 6.2 million Members is no different, with music being a vital component to the Peloton class experience. And, there is no more engaged group of Swifties than Peloton’s best-in class Instructors. The Red (Taylor’s Version) Artist Series invites Peloton Members and beyond to unite and prioritize themselves by showing up together virtually in the spirit of community and fandom, moving to a diverse offering of classes including Cycling, Tread, Strength, Stretching and Yoga. All of the Red (Taylor’s Version) Artist Series can be accessed on the Peloton App. New Members can download the App to get 30 days free, no equipment necessary. The class schedule includes:

  • 30 Minute Red (Taylor’s Version) Ride with Robin Arzón
  • 30 Minute Red (Taylor’s Version) Run with Olivia Amato
  • 20 Minute Red (Taylor’s Version) Core Strength with Robin Arzón
  • 30 Minute Red (Taylor’s Version) Yoga Flow with Anna Greenberg
  • 30 Minute Red (Taylor’s Version) Yoga Flow with Mariana Fernández (in Spanish)
  • 10 Minute Red (Taylor’s Version) Cool Down Run with Susie Chan
  • 10 Minute Red (Taylor’s Version) Stretch with Ben Alldis
  • 30 Minute Red (Taylor’s Version) Ride with Mayla Wedekind (in German)
  • 20 Minute Red (Taylor’s Version) Bodyweight Strength with Marcel Maurer (in German)

13 Moments to Surprise and Delight

Every holiday season Peloton delivers an epic Artist Series moment for the Peloton community. This year Peloton took the surprise to new levels. Starting on the release date of Red (Taylor’s Version), Peloton celebrated with 13 (yes, Taylor’s lucky number!) teaser moments that no dedicated Swiftie or Peloton Member could ignore. From “22 (Taylor’s Version)” surprise-dropping in a Sundays With Love class to Instructors donning Taylor’s Red (Taylor’s Version) ring seen on the album cover of Red (Taylor’s Version) and Olivia Amato sporting cat ears on the Peloton Bike in homage to Taylor’s beloved cats, Peloton stealthily dropped Red (Taylor’s Version) inspired bread crumbs along the way, all in celebration of the album and the power of community.

“The theme of that special Sundays with Love class was self-worth. I talked about holding on to feelings of fearlessness and freedom — things that we’ve all probably felt at some point when we were younger,” said Peloton Instructor Ally Love. “Taylor Swift’s 22 felt very organic and authentic to the narrative for that class, as it focused on empowering our community to stand in their self-worth.”

Don’t miss the final Artist Series of the year! All Red (Taylor’s Version) classes are now available on the Peloton platform. The last Artist Series of ‘21 will have you feeling 22.