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Sara Bella Accused Thomas Partey of Rape

by Talia M.
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Arsenal’s Thomas Partey rumored girlfriend Sara Bella has taken to Twitter to accuse the soccer star of rape.

Partey’s rumored girlfriend shared alleged screenshots that were from the Arsenal player claiming that he is an admitted rapist on Twitter:

“He raped me, left me in bed unconscious then went out to party in Ibiza, came back, laughed in my face and told me I don’t get to say no to him.”


Sara Bella continued to share her side of the story and the timeline of events on Twitter after people on social media were calling her a clout chaser and liar.

“Thomas insisted that for his birthday that I travel to Ibiza with him, this was a trip that was just his agent, his security, me and him. They don’t speak English and I would have been alone so he then insisted that I brought girls.”

Sara continued by saying she wanted to end things with Partey due to his behavior.

“Leading up to the holiday together. I had tried to end things, there was certain behaviour that I was seeing that was making me feel like I’d made the wrong decision and I needed space. I told him that once he came back from Ghana that we could see each other and talk.”

Sara ended the Twitter thread by sharing a timeline of events with Partey in Spain.

“I’ll speak about the incident in Spain as this is the incident that has had the charges dropped due to the legislation being used by the police to prosecute for crimes outside UK coming into place on June 29th. I was raped on June 19th – meaning those 10 days allow him to get off.”

Sara also stated: “The POLICE went through my phone and found evidence of what they deemed a second rape back in April and chose to arrest him on those charges. I didn’t know it was considered rape, I thought it was just him not listening. I was raped again June 21.”

Sadly, it sounds like Sara is thinking of committing suicide after all the backlash she has been receiving for calling Thomas Partey a rapist.

“when my mother has to bury me I hope the words you’ve screamed to push me to it will bring you happiness and closure knowing you protected a rapist and drove a victim of him to end it all. I am so so so sorry to my loved ones for this. I hope you know I tried.”

Thomas Partey has been charged with rape as of yet.

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