Shantell Fields: Lauren Smith-Fields Mother Says “Apart Of Her Soul Died”

Lauren Smith-Fields, a 23 year old black woman was found unresponsive in her apartment on December 12, 2021 after a bumble date with Matthew LaFountain. LaFountain was the first to report her suspicious death to authorities, according to Lauren’s father.

A large blood stain was found on Lauren Smith-Fields bed and other several pieces of key evidence, including a used condom, lubricant and an unidentified pill, were found at the scene.

Despite LaFountain being the last person she was with, he was not initially questioned nor arrested by the Bridgeport Police Department because “he seems like a nice guy”. According to Lauren’s father Everett, the only contact that they had with the police was from “a very insensitive, condescending and arrogant detective”. The Medical Examiner’s Office also wouldn’t release the cause of death so Lauren’s own father ended up paying out of pocket for a second autopsy because they “felt so uncomfortable with the way it was handled.”

The cause of her death has yet to be determined. Her family is speaking out and plans on suing the Bridgeport, Connecticut police department. They also spoke with CBS Morning Elise Preston about the information they have received.