Michael B. Jordan knows his fate share in being star in a superhero movie. He played a villain everyone sort of admire and understood in Black Panther. His character Killmonger was very badass in the Marvel movie. Which probably attracted Warner Bros eyes to him for a possible role in the near future. Michael B. Jordan has been in a discussions recently about playing one of the most iconic characters, Superman. Since Henry Cavil left the role to play Geralt of Rivia in Netflix new hit upcoming show, The Witcher.

Warner Bros. is looking to ride their success in 2019 to 2020. The Joker just made over a billion in the box office. Birds of Prey is coming out at the beginning of 2020, new details are beginning to come out regarding the studio’s plans for its DC Films Universe.

According to Variety, Michael B. Jordan met with Warner Bros. earlier this year to pitch his version of a Superman feature film. However, with the Black Panther star’s schedule tied up in other projects over the next several years, he is not ready to fully commit to playing a Black Superman. The site also adds that another Superman film isn’t likely to be ready before 2023.

Fans will most likely have to wait for Warner Bros to announce their next Superman or wait for Henry Cavil. Henry Cavil new show has already been renewed by Netflix for a season 2.