Rihanna’s ANTI has now spent 199 weeks on the Billboard 200 — and is now 1 week away from becoming the first album by a black woman, in the chart’s 61-year history, to surpass 200 weeks.

Beyoncé has made history every time she releases a new project or goes on tour. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday is better than whatever Fergie did in 2010.

So you kinda see why that billboard women of the decade list was flawed. Billboard is the charts but won’t even acknowledge who runs the charts.

Where is Rihanna?! Where is Beyonce?! Nicki Minaj?!

Check out this list down below:

Every “Woman of the Year” for Billboard this decade:

2010: Fergie

2011: Taylor Swift

2012: Katy Perry

2013: P!nk

2014: Taylor Swift

2015: Lady Gaga

2016: Madonna

2017: Selena Gomez

2018: Ariana Grande

2019: Billie Eilish