Should The Gambia Ban British Women From Entering The Country?

The Gambia

The Gambia has warned old British women to stop traveling to the country to pay young Gambian men for sex and love.

Many old and retired British women travel to The Gambia to pay young men known as “bumsters” for sex. The Government of Gambia frowned against this and asked that this act ends.

A statement on the British Foreign Affairs website said, “Both male and female visitors should be particularly cautious of young men locally known as ‘bumsters’ who approach tourists, particularly on beaches, offering help or to act as local guides.”

The country of Gambia has gained a reputation where young black men are willing to sleep with British women for compensation. According to reports, British women who travel to the country to engage in sexual intercourse with “toy boys” are setting up these transactions before they arrive. The “toy boys” meet these British women at Banjul International, the sole airport in The Gambia. The majority of visitors come on package tours throughout the winter.

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