Social Media Erupts Over Jordan Neely Death On A NYC Subway

Social Media Erupts Over Jordan Neely Death On A NYC Subway

After being put in a choke hold by a former Marine during what police believe to have been a fight on the subway, a 30-year-old man lost his life on Monday.

According to The New York Daily News, a video showing Jordan Neely’s final moments has sparked outrage, but his alleged killer has not yet been charged.

A little after 2 p.m. on Monday, Neely reportedly boarded the northbound F train and started yelling at other commuters. An eyewitness by the name of Juan Alberto Vazquez told The New York Times that the man was telling passengers that he had nothing to drink or eat, was fed with life, and didn’t mind going to jail because he was prepared to die. Jordan Neely didn’t assault anyone on the subway, Vazquez also told the publication.

Neely “yelled and threw garbage at commuters, starting an argument with the 24-year-old veteran Marine,” according to different accounts of the incident provided by the NYPD to the New York Daily News.

As a result, a fight broke out between Neely and the Marine veteran, but Vazquez told The New York Daily News that the veteran grabbed Neely by the back and knocked him to the ground. Neely reportedly spent 15 minutes in the man’s choke hold.

The unidentified veteran can be seen squeezing Neely’s neck in a three-minute video shot by Vazquez and published by the New York Post. Vasquez claimed that Neely began to struggle but “then suddenly he just stopped moving.”

According to authorities, Neely was unconscious when EMS personnel began treating him after the conductor dialed 911. He was already dead when he arrived at Lenox Health in Greenwich Village.

The person who choked Neely was arrested on Monday and later released after being questioned. Charges would be taken into account after the results of the medical examiner’s office’s autopsy, according to law enforcement sources who spoke to The Washington Post about the ongoing investigation.

Following the video’s widespread distribution on Wednesday morning, outrage increased, and many turned to social media to react to Jordan Neely’s death.

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