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A former University of Kansas student was sentenced to prison Wednesday for raping a teen he met at a bar near the campus.

Albert Wilson was a Kansas University student at the time. The girl was a high school student from the Kansas City area, visiting her cousin at KU.

The two met in the line to get into the Boom Boom Room. Which has dance floor in the basement.

The victim testified at trial that she’d been drinking beforehand and that Wilson first lifted her skirt and assaulted her on the dance floor. She said he then led her, stumbling, out of the bar and to his home a couple of blocks away.

There, she repeatedly told him, “No, I’m too drunk, I can’t do this,” but Wilson held her down and raped her, she said. She then returned to the bar and reconnected with her cousin, and went to a hospital for a sexual assault examination the following day.

Albert N. Wilson will be serving 12 years in prison for rape incident that never happened. Albert Wilson has a clean record which doesn’t make him not guilty but according to Lawrence Journal, the DNA evidence did not support the woman’s claim that Wilson raped her.

The forensic testing found no seminal fluid on the girl’s clothing or vaginal swab. The video shows the woman pulling Albert into the Boom Boom Room. Also it shows them walking hand in hand out of the club.

Now the “victim” age 17 going to a bar underage then claiming rape. The judge saw the perception of it. The reality is she probably wanted to have consetual sex but he didn’t want to anymore and now she made up a whole story.

Albert needs to seek a new trial and hopefully a respectable attorney will step in to give him a fair trial. Not saying who’s lying, just that this was not a fair trial and needs to be looked at much more closely. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

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