Former UNLV basketball player Dylan Gonzalez accuses singer Trey Songz of sexual assault and says that she will ‘fully commit to pursue the best course of action’ and her legal options.

Trey Songz has denied Dylan Gonzalez’s allegations and his team told TMZ that he will be exonerated after the legal process plays out.

Last year, TMZ reported that Trey Songz is under investigation for sexual assault in Las Vegas. Songz and his crew allegedly took some girls back to The Cosmopolitan hotel after celebrating his 37th birthday.

In 2020, Trey Songz was accused of sexual misconduct after a woman known as Aliza said Trey Songz urinated on her during a sexual encounter without her consent. Trey Songz later denied these claims from this woman.

In 2018, Trey Songz had to turn himself in to authorities after being involved in a domestic violence incident. Songz allegedly attacked Andrea Buera at a party. Buera ultimately sued Trey Songz but eventually ended up dropping the lawsuit.

Keke Palmer also warned the public about Trey Songz ‘weird treatment towards women. She spoke about how Trey Songz tricked her into being in a music video while at a party. Palmer also revealed she hid in a closet at the party to avoid being filmed. Palmer later found out that Trey Songz used that footage to put her in the “Pick Up The Phone” video without her consent. She told The Breakfast Club that he was guilty of using “sexual intimidation” in coercing her into the video.

Social media has also brought up the Bebe Rexha interview back in 2015. She told a story about when she attended a wedding and saw Trey Songz staring at her. Later that night, Bebe said she was at the pool house when Trey Songz approached her, pushed her up against the wall, and tried to kiss her. “Let’s do this,” she said he told her.

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