Spanish Travel Vlogger Allegedly Gang-Raped in India: Four Suspects Arrested

Spanish Travel Vlogger Allegedly Gang-Raped in India: Four Suspects Arrested

Fernanda, a 28-year-old Spanish woman, and her partner Vincente, known online as Vuelta Al Mundo En Moto (Around The World By Motorbike), were allegedly gang-raped by seven men while camping in the Dumka district of India’s Jharkhand state, a popular tourist destination.

The couple, who have been documenting their globe voyage on Instagram, posted two videos on March 1st recounting the brutal assault. Although the original videos are no longer available, they were widely shared online, raising awareness of their predicament.

With more than 238,000 Instagram followers, Vincente and Fernanda have been touring the globe on their motorcycles and documenting their experiences along the way. But when they set up camp next to the Hansdiha market in Dumka, their trip took a disastrous turn.

The couple appeared to be physically traumatized in the video, with Fernanda suffering the brunt of the abuse. They described seven men barging into their tent, assaulting them, and brutally raping Fernanda while holding Vincente at knifepoint.

“We are at the hospital with police. It happened tonight here in India,” Fernanda shared in the video, her voice trembling with fear and anguish.

The couple’s situation has aroused indignation and received enormous support from their fans and the international community. Despite their anguish, Vincente and Fernanda highlighted that India is a country with nice people, advising others not to criticize the country based on their awful experiences.

Following the assault, the couple reported it to authorities, which resulted in the arrest of four individuals. Authorities have assured that a thorough investigation is ongoing, with a special squad dedicated to apprehending the remaining suspects.

“This is a condemnable incident, and the police are taking appropriate action. The culprits will not be spared,” stated Mithilesh Kumar Thakur, regional minister of Jharkhand.

Vincente and Fernanda assured their Instagram fans on March 4th that they are “better and alive.” Despite the trauma they experienced, they demonstrated perseverance and positivity, reiterating their opinion that India is still a worthwhile destination.

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