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“I try to be the individual to lift the room up” says Sterling K. Brown and that is exactly what he does, he lifts the room. We recently caught up with the THIS IS US Star to talk the latest episode, diversity and inclusion in hollywood, erasing the stigma of therapy, his admiration for the “Black Woman” and More.

In Tuesday’s Episode of This Is Us, viewers finally see Randall take a big step as he attends his first therapy session. Randall is coping with anxiety from an early age and as we see eventually follows him into adulthood.

“So many people feel dismissed or unheard, which is why I try to change the negative stigma of going to therapy, Therapy is a way of being able to share without fear of judgment”.

The Two-time Emmy Award Winning Actor as well as Sag, Golden Globe and a host of other awards and accomplishment has had quite the career. Brown states that his 7 year run on the Lifetime hit Army Wives was the first time he felt like he had a real job, he could pay off his student loans, buy the house etc., but it was his role as Chris Darden in The People Vs. OJ Simpson that really blew the door open to everything else. Brown has played in films including Black Panther, he currently stars in Waves, Frozen 2, THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL and a host of others film and TV projects and yet he’s most recognized on the street and from fans by his THIS IS US character Randall.

Sterling loves playing dad roles, but would love the opportunity to stretch.

While Brown has had great success he acknowledges that there has been a shift in Hollywood, in particular Black Hollywood and he doesn’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

“Hollywood responds to the color green, and these stories are lucrative, we as a community spend a lot of money on stories that are of our community and stories that are not of our community”-Brown

Sterling credits Black Panther for showing that films with black leads can and will do well over seas and that these cultural specific stories not only resonate with specific groups but with anyone, “Other people can see themselves in those specific stories”.-Brown

And with a new production company under his wing, Indian Meadows affectionately named after Browns’ neighborhood in St. Louis Missouri we can expect to see even more from the Actor both in front and behind the camera, including an upcoming Lionsgate film Shadow Force produced by Indian Meadows. Shadow Force is set to star both Kerry Washington and Brown, brown describes it as the Black Mr. and Mrs. Smith or as he says two spy’s, who are black and married.

Brown says “This production thing, can be such a long gestational period, that to finally see things coming together is exciting”.

Sterling realizes that he has been blessed with some amazing women both on and off screen beginning with his Mom. Brown credits his mom as the one that enstilled drive in him early on and she was ultimately the one that both nurtured and supported him and his career.

“I have had nothing but push and support from my primary care giver, my mom”.-Brown

“Black women are the keepers of our culture, I want black women to know when I see them, I see something exceptional, Brown says I don’t want to ever send the message to my community of women that you are not beautiful, or less than. I See You.

You can watch Sterling K. Brown on THIS IS US every Tuesday on NBC. Check your local listings.

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