Yung Miami is safe after her car was shot at 14 times in Miami

Miami-Dade Police responded to calls of shots fired in the area of NW 135th St. & 1st Ave in North Miami just before 1 AM. The victim’s red Mercedes was towed. Unconfirmed reports say rapper Yung Miami was in the car. Nobody was hurt. 14 shots??? They definitely trying to kill Yung Miami. Ain’t no mistaken identity. It’s really some hating mfs out here. I wouldn’t even make club appearances if I were her. I’m sick to my stomach. Y’all betta leave my baby alone. Florida shot at Yung Miami for no reason but George Zimmerman is still walking around unscathed after killing Trayvon Martin and selling autographed skittles bags??? you know what all you “thugs and gangsters” are? You sensitive thugs all need hugs

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