Zara Larsson Empowers Herself as ‘Boss Lady’ Upon Reclaiming Masters

Zara Larsson Empowers Herself as 'Boss Lady' Upon Reclaiming Masters

Zara Larsson, a 26-year-old pop sensation, talks candidly about feeling like a “boss lady” as she takes charge of her career in a recent BBC interview.

After releasing her new album “Venus,” the singer announced with pride that she had bought her master recordings and started her record label, Sommer House.

Zara considers being her boss to be a crucial stride in her professional career, as it is an uncommon feat in the music industry.

“I feel grown, and I feel like I’m in control over what I do in a different way,” Zara stated during the interview, emphasizing the empowering nature of the decision.

The blonde beauty accepts the responsibility that comes with owning her own business, joking that she won’t be able to blame anybody else if things don’t go as planned.

She does, however, show trust in her team, pointing out that she continues to work with experienced professionals who have been a part of her path for quite some time.

While Zara is now focused on her career and the success of “Venus,” she hopes to develop new talent in the future. Sommer House seeks to sign rising artists, producers, and authors.

“I want to sign my own artists and producers and writers because now I have the foundation set up for it,” Zara explained.

Despite realizing the obstacles and uncertainties ahead, Zara Larsson, 26, oozes empowerment and drive as she takes control of her musical destiny, leaving an indelible impression on the industry.

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