Zion is so REAL, crying now on ESPN as he talks about what his mother sacrificed for him. High character. True franchise cornerstone.

Zion was drafted tonight by the New Orleans Pelicans as the number one pick in this year NBA draft. He will be joining Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, and Brandon Ingram next season. The former Lakers were trade for Anthony Davis last week.

“my mom sacrificed a lot for me. i wouldn’t be here without my mom. she did everything for me. i just want to thank her.”

“she put her dreams aside for mine.”

-Zion Williamson on ESPN, giving us all the feelz.

Zion Thanks His Mom:

I hope Zion balls out in the NBA, seems like a great and humble person based on the post-pick interview.

On a side note, Sean Payton might want to borrow him to play TE during the NFL playoffs.