4 TV Couples That Really Need To Work Things Out


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Four tv couples who should really get back together in this season or the next season.

1. ZUCA:


Zoey (Yara Shahidi) and Luca (Luka Sabbat) really need to get back together in Grownish. The two are just a dreamy and dynamic couple. They both need to work on themselves but nothing to crazy. Luca should start caring more and show more emotion to Zoey. You saw the emotion when he was chasing after her to the airport but he rarely shows it to her. Zoey gotta date Aaron or cut him off because she obviously really cares for him but she won’t pursue that relationship. Aaron is always there for her when she needs him.


Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco characters really need to get back together and run away from LA. Cesar is truly in a f*ck up situation which most people don’t really get out of but Monse really loves him and tries to protect him at all cost. Honestly, Monse is such a strong woman on the show and the only thing that makes her happy is being with Cesar. Even though she’s acting like she doesn’t want to be with him right now.


Zendaya and Hunter characters took the world by storm last June with their show Euphoria. This must be the most toxic and confused couple out of the bunch. Euphoria really shows the darkness in these characters lives which makes you want to root for them and see them happy together.


These two come from different backgrounds. One is very rich and one grew up in poverty. Spencer sees his own people getting killed by his own people every single day. He sees mothers losing their sons and daughters. He’s getting harassed by the police. He’s see people he grew up with already in caskets.

Spencer grew up with a father. His father came back to his life and then left because he was dying. Right, when things were getting better his father died.

Layla lost her mother when she was younger. Her mother had depression and you see in season two that Layla is suffering the same thing. When Layla House was robbed the only who checked on her was Olivia. Her father was off doing music and touring. While she was all alone. We would love to see these two comeback together and just communicate more with each other.

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