Abby Chosewood Accused of Suffocating A Toddler While Babysitting

Abby Chosewood Accused of Suffocating A Toddler While Babysitting

A Gainesville woman is accused of assaulting a young child earlier this year and is now being charged.

According to Gainesville Police Lt. Kevin Holbrook, 23-year-old Abby Elizabeth Chosewood was arrested and booked into the Hall County Jail on Friday. He claimed the alleged incident occurred in February while she was babysitting a 1-year-old child.

“It’s believed that this child received suffocation and/or strangulation, which did cause some very serious injuries to the child,” Holbrook said. According to Holbrook, the child was taken to a children’s hospital for treatment and has since recovered.

The Division of Family and Children’s Services referred the case to Gainesville police, who began an investigation. Five months later, Chosewood was charged.

“Many times in cases like this we have to subpoena medical records, we have to conduct follow-up investigations. It’s one of those where we knew that the child was receiving the care that it needed and it was no longer in jeopardy of being injured, so we were able to take some time on the investigation,” Holbrook said. “Once investigators determined they had enough evidence and information, they charged Chosewood immediately.”

Chosewood is facing felony aggravated assault and felony first-degree cruelty to children charges. She was released from jail on bond on Monday afternoon, three days after being arrested. The investigation into the case, according to Holbrook, is still ongoing.

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