DA Washington says she is dismissing the case against Marshae Jones and no legal action will be taken. A grand jury indicted Jones on a manslaughter charge. Jones was 5 months pregnant when she fought with another woman and was shot in the stomach.

DA Washington:

“The members of the grand jury took to heart that the life of an unborn child was violently ended and believed someone should be held accountable. But in the interest of all concerned, we are not prosecuting this case.”

“There are no winners, only losers in this sad ordeal,” Alabama DA Lynneice Washington says, announcing she will drop charges against Marshae Jones, who was indicted in the death of her unborn child in a shooting after a fight.

Marshae Jones shouldn’t have been charged to begin with.

The DA’s decision here represents precisely what we want to see in these critical moments: a prosecutor who is not afraid to use discretion and the power to refuse to prosecute when justice demands the charges be dropped.