A Hale Center High School teacher got arrested earlier this month after she was reportedly having an improper relationship with a student.

The school officials alerted the Hale Center Police Department on December 16th. The police arrested a 46-year-old teacher named Amy Gilly and booked her into the Hale County Detention Center.

Gilly reportedly started to communicate with the 15-year-old boy in November. The boy claims that one day she picked him up from a Baptist Church to park her car near train tracks to perform sexual acts. He told police that Amy Gilly lifted her shirt off, and they began to kiss. He also said that she touched his genitals through the outside of his clothing.

The police spoke with Gilly when they brought her in for questioning, and she admitted to them about the improper relationship and sexual contact she had with this 15-year-old student. According to court documents, Gilly stated that she didn’t have feelings for the student and knew what she was doing was wrong.

On December 20th, she got charged with one count of improper relationship between an educator and student, which is a second-degree felony in Texas, and she could face up to two to twenty years in prison if convicted. Her bond got set at $20,000.

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