Anthony Orlich Accused of Snatching A Black Woman’s Wig Off Her Head

Anthony Orlich Accused of Snatching A Black Woman’s Wig Off Her Head

A video of a black woman accusing a lawyer of snatching her wig from her head has gone viral on social media.

On TikTok, Lizzy Ashliegh posted a video of him allegedly snatching her wig off her head. In the video, Lizzy repeatedly asks him why he did it, and the man never responds and walks away. Within 24 hours of being posted, the TikTok video has nearly 250,000 views.


Pardon my French but he needs one good ass whooping !!! 🤬🤬🤬

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Many social media investigators began looking for the man who allegedly snatched the woman’s wig from her head.

Danesh, who is well-known for identifying people in viral videos like this one, posted a video on TikTok identifying the man Lizzy accused of snatching her wig off her head as Anthony Orlich, a lawyer in New York City.

After Anthony Orlich’s identity was revealed, many social media users encouraged others to report the incident to his employer.

Lizzy Ashliegh posted three more videos updating her current situation. In the first video, she demonstrates how difficult it is to remove her wig.

In the second video, she thanked everyone who helped her figure out who he was and revealed she had filed a police report against him. She also revealed that she went to the doctor and was given a muscle relaxer because her neck was so tense.

In the third video, she claims her phone didn’t pick up the audio because Anthony Orlich allegedly said, “For What?” when asked to apologize to Lizzy by his friend.

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