Chaos erupted at the Aventura Mall on Saturday night as shoppers evacuated the mall because of gun shots.

Aventura police said they were investigating the incident and advised people to stay out of the area before confirming that a shooting did not take place.

“Aventura Police has determined that a shooting did not take place at Aventura Mall. The scene is secure but traffic in the area is heavy,” the agency tweeted Saturday night.

Many people are going crazy and believe the Aventura Police Department are covering the whole thing up. If there wasn’t a shooting why are so many people saying there was a shooting.

If you search Aventura Mall Shooting on twitter and scroll down the timeline you’ll see almost 100 more people in the mall saying there was shooting.

Why would the Aventura Police cover this shooting up?

Well the Aventura Mall is the biggest shopping center in the city. Also Christmas is on Monday which means everybody has at least one more day to go out and get presents. If you put two and two together it would seem like a cover up. People would be afraid to go shopping at the mall if there was a shooting which could dramatic decrease in sales.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a cover up I mean it’s not like it would be the first cover up in this country.

Here is a video of people evacuating the scene:

Also stay on the look out for this little girl named Naomi was taken when people started evacuating the mall.