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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 27 Review: Retrospective

by Wayne Ayers
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‘Attack on Titans’ greatest warriors are very limited with numbers, resources, and time as Eren moves his titans closer to their destination to wreak havoc on the people in Liberio. While these characters would love to have a campfire chat to settle their differences so they can have a peaceful future. They must find way to stop Eren Jaeger from comitting genocide by any means necessary.

The resistance must be able to acquire the Azumabito’s flying ship because it’s the best way to reach Eren in time and truly is the only plan of attack because they would have an aerial view. Theo Magath and Hange start to strategize their plan of attack until they reach a massive dilemma when they are told that the Azumabito’s flying ship is in no condition to take off at all. They must fight for their lives to give the mechanic crew time to repair the ship. Which leads to some of the best fighting scenes since the first few episodes of “Attack on Titan” season 4 part 1.

“Retrospective” is the most entertaining episode since Eren obtained the Founding Titan, Ymir powers. Annie and Reiner start off the intense battle by trying to protect the mechanic crew and ship from being damaged by the Jaegerists in an epic explosive battle but couldn’t hold them off. The Jaegerist started to take control until the “traitors” really started to do work in this episode. Mikasa went full black mamba mode when she went on a killing spree and there was an amazing moment when she slices and dices her victims, which led to her making them explode that caused a rainstorm of blood to happen. This was on some Captain Levi type of level of killing. It was the best scene from a non-Titan since Captain Levi wiped out like 30 titans after they drank Zeke’s spinal fluid. This was another reminder that if their last name is Ackerman you should leave them the hell alone.


Two of my favorite highlights are when Gabi takes things in her own hands when Floch was so close to destroying the ship with a thunder spear. Gabi and a rifle might be the deadliest duo in ‘Attack on Titan’ this season. She sadly killed Sasha and popped Eren’s head right off just before he could unite with Zeke. Anyway, Gabi shuts down Floch and saves the ship from taking any damage. The other highlight is when Falco transformed into the Jaw Titan, which I have to admit that I am digging his design. It was giving a bear, the summon skull card from Yu-Gi-Oh, and Titan vibes to me. Falco’s Jaw Titan debut wasn’t bad; he did contribute to the battle but his abilities weren’t up to par, which makes sense because it was his first transformation. He didn’t take over the battle but did what was necessary to give the mechanic team more time to operate on the ship.

The saddest part of the episode is when Theo Magath and Keith Shadis first meeting ever shortly turned into farewell to the series when they sacrificed their lives to try to bring peace in the world for future generations. These two characters alone are some best examples of character development where film writers should take notes for their projects. Two people on the opposite side coming together to end war and bring peace to the world. These two leaders are perfect examples of why Marleyans and Eldians need to come together.

A turn for the worse happens when they find out they won’t reach Liberio in time to save Annie’s loved ones from getting trampled by Eren’s wall titans. Annie pretty much lets Mikasa know she must not interfere in her attempt to kill Eren. This truly foreshadowing Eren killing Annie and Mikasa possibly avenging Annie death by killing Eren and stopping the genocide. “Retrospective” is the definition of an emotional rollercoaster that is written and shot well. This is by far one of my favorite episodes this season.

Watch the full episode here.

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