Azerbaijani Forces Allegedly Raped, Beheaded, and Stoned Anush Apetyan To Death

Anush Apetyan

Anush Apetyan was an Armenian female trooper who was assaulted, tormented, damaged, and killed by Azerbaijani forces during the conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan in September in the city of Jermuk. Apetyan had three kids, matured 16, 15, and 4.

During the contention among Armenian and Azerbaijani military forces between September 13 and 14, an Armenian trooper named Anush Apetyan was caught alive by Azerbaijani powers close to more than 10 Armenian fighters caught alive, upon the Armenian Service of Protection.

From that point forward, the video of the torment and mutilation of a lady caught by Azerbaijani forces was initially delivered on Message and inevitably it was observed that the lady is an Armenian warrior Anush Apetyan. In that video she has tortured and ruined, her legs were removed, no less than one finger was removed and put in her mouth, and one eye was jabbed out and supplanted with a stone, and it was while the Azerbaijani warriors encompassing her are praising and deriding her.

On September 20th, Dicle Amed Ladies’ Foundation (DAKP) representative Kıymet Yıldır reviewed and censured the killing of Anush Apetyan by Azerbaijani forces, during the get-together of ladies in certain urban areas of Turkey like Van, Diyarbekir, and Istanbul which held to denouncing both the killing of Jina Amini by the Iranian police and Anush Apetyan.

Armenian Ladies’ Association gave an assertion read by co-seats Anahîd Qasabyan and Arbî Kespiryan, at the Pioneer Öcalan Park in Hasakah, AANES, denounced the killing of Armenian female warrior Anush Apetyan by Azerbaijani powers and of Jina Amini by the Iranian system, and approach all ladies to join against oppression.

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