The Peace Corps explained that people of color who want to volunteer in helping Ukrainian refugees may face blatant racism.

On their website, under a possible consideration for volunteers of color it states:

“It is not uncommon for Ukrainians to refer to African-Americans as “[N-Word]”. Volunteers of color may be called ‘a monkey’ or may see children’s games with Blackface.”

Peace Corp continued on by explaining reasons why Ukrainian refugees might call you a monkey if you are a person of color.

“Being aware of the history of dehumanization for people of African descent may help inform where this comes from; it does not justify it. It will be at your discretion to determine the intent. No matter the intent, staff recognizes the impact that hearing that word may invoke hurt and anger. If you view it as unlearned [something the person has never been exposed to], it may be an opportunity for you to educate that person.”

This isn’t surprising at all, especially after seeing how black people who were trying to leave Ukraine were mistreated by others. You can check out the Peace Corp Ukrainian Refugees Volunteer website here.

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