Photo Courtesy of Samir

Kurdish Human right activist & The secretary-general of the Future Syria Party, Ms. Hervin Khalaf, has been raped and then stoned to death by Turkey backed Jihadists near Hasakah during Turkey’s ethnic cleansing operation against Kurds in Syria.

Hervin_Khalaf was pulled from her car on a international road, raped and shot to death by Turkish forces. The Turkish government bragged about it on State Television.

“This happened almost precisely three years ago:Kurdish forces raised the US flag in Tal Abyad, while US soldiers were threatened by Turkish-backed rebels.

No nation will ever have a reason to trust America or turn to US for support since they are abandoning the Kurds. Kurds done hard fight against ISIS but now they feel betrayed. US government will bury human rights if they have a deal with Islamic Republic dictators.