Cardi B responds to Jermaine Dupri’s comments on female rappers


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In an interview with People Now, hip-hop producer Jermaine Dupri commented on the current state of women in rap, saying: “I feel like they’re all rapping about the same thing,” and comparing the current wave of talent to “strippers rapping.” The remarks prompted Cardi B and others to point out an apparent lack of mainstream support for female emcees who don’t rap about sex.

Jermaine Dupri is out of touch.

No way he sat with a straight face and said “women are ALL rapping about the same thing“ and that he’s tired of the “ strip club rap” .. yet have no knowledge of Rapsody, NoName, Tierra Whack, Dreezy, 3DNatee, Nezi, and more. There’s a lot dope female emcee who don’t fall into that category killing hip hop right now, they have organic fan bases…however they don’t fit the mainstream appeal, and executives can’t sell them the way they desire sexually.

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This is why it’s important when you fuck with an artist ( especially women ) that you support them.

Stream them. Bring them up in conversation. Tag them in your stories. Put them at the forefront of your major platforms. Spend that bread.

Supply and demand is real.

Which leaves many of them out of the conversation.

Women have invested too much into hip hop ( stemming back to the 80’s ) for the world to continue to leave them out of the conversation.

Tierra Whack sounds nothing like Meg Thee Stallion. Meg sounds nothing like Dreezy. Dreezy sounds nothing like Kash Doll. Kash Doll sounds nothing like Rapsody. So, I’m confused by Jermaine.

Also, are we going to forget that a lot of male rappers rap about the same stuff too?

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