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Chxrry22 Strikes Back With New Single More

by Diana Wilson
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Renowned singer-songwriter Chxrry22 (pronounced Cherry 2-2) astounds listeners once again with her latest enchanting masterpiece, “MORE,” now available for all to indulge in.

Introducing a mesmerizing and empowering anthem, this ethereal masterpiece stands as a remarkable addition to her already breathtaking collection of singles and videos. With its unapologetic nature, it captivates listeners like never before, marking a significant milestone in her artistic journey since the release of the awe-inspiring “Worlds Away“.

Furthermore, Chxrry22 has been granted the extraordinary opportunity to grace the grand stages of Australia and New Zealand as the opening act for The Weeknd’s highly anticipated “After Hours Til Dawn” tour. This remarkable achievement will elevate her captivating live performance from intimate venues to vast arenas, allowing her talent to resonate on a truly magnificent scale.

Chxrry22’s ethereal melodies showcased in the mesmerizing track “MORE” are a result of the collaborative efforts of esteemed producers Sensei Bueno, Matt Cohn, Jacob Olofsson, and Jonah Christian. By skillfully blending heavenly harmonies with fearless lyrical expression, she effortlessly merges vulnerability with raw authenticity.

Chxrry22 effortlessly showcases her exceptional vocal range and precision on a celestial composition, masterfully depicting the decline of a once harmonious bond. Hailing from Canada, this gifted songstress elegantly expresses her final resolve towards an overbearing and fixated admirer.

“MORE is about shamelessly expressing what you want out of a situation and not feeling bad about it – not settling and not wasting time,” Chxrry22 said. It [MORE] sets the tone for the new music that I have coming.”

In a remarkable span of merely twelve months as a member of the distinguished XO family, Chxrry22 has achieved an extraordinary feat by securing an esteemed position as the opening act for The Weeknd’s highly anticipated “After Hours Til Dawn” tour across Australia and New Zealand, commencing on November 20th in the vibrant city of Brisbane, Australia.

With an exquisite blend of timeless classics and contemporary melodies, her captivating performances promise to further solidify her position as a luminary in the realm of R&B, ensuring her indomitable influence reaches every corner of the globe.

“I’m so excited and honored to be joining The Weeknd in Australia and New Zealand this November, and I can’t wait to share the new music I’ve been working on all year with all of the fans,” Chxryy22 said.

Chxrry22’s enchanting vocals and mesmerizing melodies on her latest track, “MORE,” beckon an eagerly anticipated comeback that will undoubtedly captivate devoted fans and enthrall new enthusiasts.

Following the resounding success of her acclaimed 2022 EP, The Other Side, Chxrry22 solidified her position as a rising luminary in the realm of R&B, garnering accolades from esteemed publications such as Billboard, Complex, and Hypebeast.

The Chxrry22’s noteworthy collaborations with esteemed producers such as Sensei Bueno, Sonic Major (known for their work with Future, Drake, Don Toliver, Lil Tjay), and LordQuest (acclaimed for their contributions to SZA’s unique sound) have unequivocally cemented their status as a remarkably promising artist to keep a keen eye on in the year 2023.

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