If you praised Kanye’s Forbes article yesterday then trashed Dapper Dan’s Breakfast Club interview today, you need to retool your sensibilities.

Dapper Dan is a legend in fashion and paved the way for a lot of black designers that we know today. He’s paid his dues and is a real inspiration. No slander will be tolerated.

There is no FUBU, Roc-A-Wear, Sean John, or any other hip hop artists with their own clothes without Dapper Dan. Your iconic 80s hip hop album covers? Dapper Dan. Farnsworth Bentley or André 3000? Dapper Dan. High end fashion lines clothes and shoes copying urban style? Dapper Dan.

The influence of Dapper Dan is so entrenched in mainstream fashion most people don’t even realize it. Giant polo logos on Ralph Lauren shirts? Dapper Dan. Logos all over clothes? Dapper Dan. Billions of people around the world right now are wearing his influence.