‘Dawn’ Coming to Amazon From Ava DuVernay and ‘Star Wars’ Filmmaker Victoria Mahoney

Ava DuVernay, Victoria Mahoney’s Series Adaptation Of Octavia Butler’s ‘Dawn’ Lands At Amazon


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Amazon is adding another sci-fi show to its streaming collection.

Victoria Mahoney will write and direct a series adaption of ‘DAWN’ for Amazon Studios with Ava DuVernay set to executive produce, according to Variety.

Dawn is a tv series based on the Octavia E. Butler 1987 sci-fi novel of the same name which follows an African-American woman who works with aliens to resurrect the long-dead human race.

Dawn is set 250 years after a nuclear war has wiped out all of humanity except for a handful of survivors saved by an alien species. Lillith, an African-American woman, works with the aliens to resurrect humanity in a three-part apocalytpic trilogy published by Butler in 1987, 1988, and 1989 (Dawn, Adulthood Rites, and Imago, respectively). The series explores themes of “sexuality, gender, and race,” according to Variety.

Mahoney and Duvernay have not casted anyone yet in their new series and have not released a specific release date for this new series.

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