Did Cardi B Diss Ice Spice At Summer Jam?

Did Cardi B Diss Ice Spice At Summer Jam?

Social media users who noticed a resemblance between Ice Spice and the ginger curly-haired character Cardi B presented on stage over the weekend speculated that Cardi B insulted Ice Spice during her set at Hot 97 Summer Jam. Many people assumed Cardi was making fun of another Bronx native in this way.

On Sunday night (June 4), Cardi B took to social media to dispel rumors that she had shaded the “Munch” star after transitioning into “Tomorrow 2” by playing the Annie song “Tomorrow” and projecting images of orphan Annie twerking onto the giant onstage screen.

Despite popular belief that the two Bronx artists are feuding, Cardi B has been a fan of Ice Spice since she released “Munch (Feelin’ U)” last summer and even mentioned the song on “Tomorrow 2.”

The art director behind Cardi B’s Summer Jam visuals, as seen on his Instagram story:

“The REACH you have to do to say Cardi B was shading Ice Spice should have them at the chiropractors soon.”

Ice Spice hasn’t addressed the fan rumors, as she should, but the two are still friendly.

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