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Photo Courtesy of Twitter/@CarmyMaraj

In rap, you will experiences beefs and feuds all the time. It happens every week nowadays. Earlier this year Drake and Pusha T had a feud and still do. The next one was Eminem and MGK. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have been beefing for the majority of 2018. The difference between these two are there is no diss songs or bars going at each other. They are slight subliminal shots (MotorSport) here and there. The queens of rap now are just going back and forth on social media looking real messy.

Nicki Minaj addressed the altercation at NYFW on her Queen radio show today. The move by Nicki was super petty. You decided to bring up a situation that happened in the beginning of September. She could have address this a month ago but didn’t decide to because it would help her Queen radio ratings and views.

Cardi B is wrong for trying to attack Nicki Minaj at the Harper’s Bazaar show at fashion week. The situation just makes them look silly and ignorant. Cardi B didn’t have to respond to Nicki either. It’s obvious that Nicki is trying to get in her head.


Nicki and Cardi either need to do like a charity boxing match (Tax Season is Upon Us) or just have a rap battle just to get everything off their chest. If they aren’t going to do either of those, they need to drop this feud before it escalates to something much bigger.

These are two iconic black women they need to unite instead of feuding. Imagine if Nicki and Cardi dropped an album together. That shit would be crazy good. They both are making hits and doing crazy numbers. Instead of feuding they should make a song that will go number one.