Rubi Rose has recently broken the internet by sharing pictures of herself, and many consider her a modern-day sexy symbol. Rose appears to have no qualms about flaunting her body in order to build her brand.

Rubi Rose’s name began trending on social media this week after she posted new photos of herself in an all-white and cozy outfit. Many people on social media began to speculate whether she had breast augmentation surgery.

“Flattered everyone thinks I got them done,” Rubi Rose wrote on her Instagram Story. “We’re dropping my push-up bra next month for my hoochies,” she added.

The 25-year-old musician and OnlyFans content creator took to the X (formerly known as Twitter) platform as well.

Rubi Rose tweeted on Monday night, “My push-up bra comes out next month…. ladies, you’re welcome in advance.”

Many people took to social media to call Rose out after she denied having plastic surgery and began promoting her push-up bra, believing she was lying about having work done on her breast.

Others came to Rubi Rose’s defense to explain what a push-up bra does for your breasts.

What are your thoughts on Rubi Rose’s claim that she did not have plastic surgery?