Nicki Minaj Queen Radio Returned With A BANG

Nicki Minaj Apple Music radio show Queen Radio returned with a huge BANG today. She single handily took over social media today even with the big events surround BET this weekend. Nicki Minaj had Blac Chyna on as a guest. She also destroyed Miley Cyrus on her show. Nicki Minaj also revealed her boyfriend Kenneth Petty got their marriage license.

Nicki Minaj responds to Miley Cyrus’ “I love you Nicki, but I listen to Cardi” lyrics on Queen Radio:

“You sucked all that d*ck, only to come out looking like a perdue f*cking chicken on stage, and then got mad and went back to country music. Sit yo’ stupid ass down.”

Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus have been beefing for years.

Anyway, Blac Chyna stopped by the studio to speak with Nicki about her upcoming reality series, threesomes, and the Khloé Kardashian-Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. Chyna didn’t go too deep in the latter topic, simply stating it was important not to point fingers.

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty met back in Queens when she was 16 years old. She describes him as one of her first loves. Nicki is really in love with him and she’s not afraid to let the world know about it.

She continued to gush over her man. “I think I have what I was striving for, just happiness. It was so hard to get to a happy place. Now that I’m there I don’t want to compromise that for anyone of anything. Certain traveling things I don’t wanna do it. I’m just enjoying my downtime.”

The couple shows off their chemistry in Nicki’s new video for “Megatron.” On the song, she also defends Petty against critics of their relationship. “He just came out of prison / Bitches be talking shit, but they ain’t got a pot to piss in,” she raps.

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