Did The Rock Hint About Betraying the Bloodline at Wrestlemania in Smackdown Promo?

Did The Rock Hint About Betraying the Bloodline at Wrestlemania in Smackdown Promo?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s latest WWE promo sent shockwaves through the wrestling industry, leaving fans buzzing with speculation about a possible Bloodline depiction at Wrestlemania when Roman Reigns defends the title against Cody Rhodes. 

Many wrestling fans believe The Rock hinted at a potential betrayal during his promo when he announced his intention to guarantee Rhodes leaves Wrestlemania as a “loser.”

Fans have discovered small intricacies that add dimensions to this already compelling story. When The Rock refers to audience members as “spoiled, entitled little crybaby bitches,” his gaze appears to cover the whole Samoan wrestling dynasty, or “bloodline.” The purposeful delay in his statement throughout this charge raises questions about a deeper meaning or concealed friction with his family.

The plot thickens as The Rock addresses Cody Rhodes, implying that Rhodes’ story will “end” with many fans assuming Rhodes will most likely win the title from Reigns, whereas the saga between Roman Reigns and The Rock “begins” because they were originally supposed to compete for the championship at Wrestlemania. This not only lays the setting for a possible feud, but it also raises concerns about the larger consequences of their plot.

To add another layer of suspense, The Rock ends his promo by holding up a “L” symbolizing “loser,” in stark contrast to the Bloodline’s traditional “1” signal. This surprise act has fans wondering if The Rock is foreshadowing a family division or laying the framework for a dramatic clash at Wrestlemania.

Fans have also remarked that since The Rock returned to the picture, the Tribal Chief hasn’t been the Tribal Chief. Most of the latest promos show The Rock being the lead voice while Roman Reigns sits back and remains silent. Many people feel The Rock will turn on the Bloodline because he’s already leading the pack.

The wrestling community is rife with speculation regarding the underlying meaning behind The Rock’s carefully constructed words and deeds. Is this the beginnings of a legendary feud between two generations of Samoan wrestling royalty, or is there a more complex tale at work? Only time will tell as we eagerly await the unfolding drama leading up to Wrestlemania, where these unresolved issues may be answered within the squared circle.

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