Disturbing Footage Shows Kyle Walter Martin Harassing Muslim Woman At Fort Lauderdale Airport

Disturbing Footage Shows Kyle Walter Martin Harassing Muslim Woman At Fort Lauderdale Airport

A disturbing incident of harassment at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has sparked social media outrage. A video of a man named Kyle Walter Martin harassing a Muslim woman named Salma Khan has gone viral, drawing attention to the ongoing problem of Islamophobia.

Salma Khan claims she noticed Martin staring at her as she waited to board her flight to Phoenix, Arizona. Khan told the Miami Herald that she introduced herself to Martin in the hopes of defusing the situation. The interaction, however, took a disturbing turn when Martin allegedly expressed a desire to remove her hijab. Khan claims she asked him to leave her alone, prompting two strangers to step in.

Ramona Flowers, a TikTok user, recorded the incident. Flowers told the Miami Herald that she started recording after seeing Martin reach for Khan’s face. Flowers claims she overheard him making Islamophobic remarks, which escalated the situation.

In the viral video, Martin can be heard asking to take photos of Khan and the three strangers who had come to her aid. He claimed it was for a report to the FBI and stated that Khan shouldn’t be at the airport, alleging that everyone there was against her. In a bewildering turn of events, the group posed for Martin as he took their pictures.


@Danesh this happened tonight at Fort Lauderdale Airport. Hey Danesh, I filmed a video of a man after he attempted to put his hands on a woman wearing hijab tonight at Fort Lauderdale Airport as we were boarding. The guy attempted to remove the woman’s face covering and wouldn’t leave her and her traveling companions alone. The point at which I started filming was when he called her a terrorist and told her that this was his country and demanded she give him her name so he could report her to the FBI. My video begins with him taking photos of everyone in her group for his FBI report. If necessary, I can tell you what he’s saying to her if you can’t hear it well. It’s 3 minutes long, so I don’t think it will send, but if there’s another method you would use, please let me know. Security didn’t arrive for at least 10 minutes and he attempted several times to put his hands on the woman as she was sitting in the chair. She was not on his flight, but he was on mine. Thankfully the gate agent didnt let him on the plane. Maybe we can make his holiday even worse.

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A Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived at the gate about 10 minutes later and escorted Martin away. However, Khan reported that the deputy did not take her name or a statement. Martin was simply moved to a later flight.

A TikTok user named Danesh identified the man responsible for the harassment as Kyle Walter Martin. Danesh recently detailed how he discovered Martin’s identity in a video, demonstrating the power of social media in holding people accountable for their actions.

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