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Netflix’s Gyeongseong Creature Unveils Thrilling Official Trailer

by Talia M.
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Netflix has released the teaser poster and trailer for its upcoming original series Gyeongseong Creature, a historical drama with a twist of creature horror. The series, which will be divided into two parts, is set in the spring of 1945 when Korea is under Japanese colonial rule and a monstrous entity is unleashed by human greed.

The teaser poster features the two main characters, Jang Tae-sang (Park Seo-jun) and Yoon Chae-ok (Han So-hee), facing a dark and ominous presence behind prison bars. The poster hints at the secrets and dangers that lurk within Ongseong Hospital, a key location in the series. Park Seo-jun plays Jang Tae-sang, the powerful leader of the House of Golden Treasure, a group that controls the information and money flow in the Bonjeong district. Han So-hee plays Yoon Chae-ok, a determined detective who specializes in finding missing persons. The two actors express their enthusiasm for the series, which combines historical elements with creature horror.

Gyeongseong Creature

Gyeongseong Creature

Park Seo-jun says, “The series combines tension-filled creature encounters with a gripping survival tale.” Han So-hee adds, “The unique blend of historical drama and creature genre offers an exciting diversity.”

The teaser trailer shows the first meeting between Tae-sang and Chae-ok, who join forces to solve a mysterious case. Tae-sang is given an ultimatum by Commissioner Ishikawa, a Japanese official who holds his fate in his hands: find Ishikawa’s missing lover before the cherry blossoms fall or lose everything he has. Tae-sang seeks the help of Chae-ok and her father, who run a detective agency. Together, they infiltrate Ongseong Hospital, where they encounter a horrifying creature that feeds on human greed. The trailer raises the curiosity of the viewers, who wonder what secrets and conspiracies are hidden in this turbulent era.

Gyeongseong Creature is a Netflix original series that will be released in two parts, each consisting of six episodes. Part 1 will premiere on December 22, 2021, and Part 2 will follow on January 5, 2022.

The series is directed by Kim Jin-min, who previously helmed the hit series Extracurricular, and written by Kim Eun-hee, who penned the popular series Kingdom. The series promises to deliver a thrilling and captivating story of survival and confrontation against a creature born of greed.

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