Doja Cat went to Instagram live to address some concerning rumors about herself. Social media went at Doja Cat throat for a video that came out earlier this year. Doja appeared to be caught on a chat room with a bunch of racist people using the N-word. Many fans went crazy because it appeared in the video she was chuckling while these racist people were saying these things.

Doja Cat also addressed the Sandra Bland Diss rumors. Doja made a song titled Dindu Nuffin that was shortly released after the death of Sandra Bland. Dindu Nuffin is a pejorative term used to mock Blacks that commit crimes, and the excuses that’s made for them. Derived from wailing family members, usually mentally unstable mothers, that claim that they “didn’t do anything wrong”.

Fans came to her defense after she said there is no connection to her Dindu Nuffin song and Sandra Bland death.


Here are some clips of Doja Cat addressing everything on Instagram: