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Drake’s “Certified Lover Boy” Album Review

by Kori Barnes
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Our favorite lover boy has finally graced us with his presence.

After what seemed like an increasingly long awaited anticipation for Drake’s 6th studio album to release since it’s originally announced date of January 2021, he finally blessed us with the album earlier this month. Of course, what’s Drake without ever trolling or playfully teasing our pain when he knows fans are eager to finally get their hands on all of his newest drops? It’s speculated that the reason Drake released his golden number studio album (since he’s always reppin’ views from the 6) literally 9 months after it’s initial anticipated release date, he decided to make the cover art of the album covered in visibly pregnant emoji women. Could we possibly be looking too much into it? I doubt it, but of course Drake would find a way to send a message without really having to say it.

Certified Lover Boy has already made its presence known within the music industry with already establishing it’s dominance by already breaking records; even some of his own. Confirmed by Apple Music, CLB broke his own record for the most streamed album in a single day, ever. How many artists do you know that’s Goated enough to continuously break their own records? Surpassing the record that Drizzy set with Scorpion in 2018, he made it seem like it was child’s play by yet again reclaiming his spot with the biggest debut album ever on Apple Music. Not only did he break Apple Music records yet again, but CLB also broke Spotify’s record for the most streamed album in a single day, surpassing his Scorpion’s 132 million streams in a single day.

Even the biography of the CLB album Drake incorporates lets us know that there’s a different energy around his 6th studio album. He states, “A combination of toxic masculinity and acceptance of truth which is inevitably heartbreaking.” As beloved fans that have seen Drake’s evolution from a decade ago up until now, he seems to be more vulnerable now than ever. He’s putting it all out on the table and calling it out exactly the way he sees it; whether it’s toxic or accepting the truth from a lesson he was trying to avoid, he’s not hiding the pain or success either way. Our CLB has never been afraid to tap into the hidden depths of his emotions or even any hiding agendas he didn’t realize he had and I think that’s what makes Drake so unique as an iconic artist. He’s always managed to find the perfect balance between storytelling and the message he’s trying to project that connects with fans’ emotions ranging from all over. Honestly, the records speak enough for itself.

What are some fan favorites so far on Certified Lover Boy? One track that has been continuously raved about and trending on social media platforms is “Way 2 Sexy” ft Future and Young Thug. The three of these rappers together on one track is truly like the Holy Trinity making magic.

Fans discussed how this hit track was essential for getting ready to go out, clubbing, or even hyping yourself up during a rough patch when you need it to remind yourself who you are and what it is.

Yeah, woah, woah, woah
I’m too sexy for this syrup
Too sexy for your girl
Too sexy for this world

It’s official. Drake is back to remind these rappers that Papi’s Home and that they indeed are his sons. What other confirmation do we need other than Nicki’s laugh on the track hyping his statement that they run the industry? Yeah, he got it.

Welcome home Champagne Papi.

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