By: Dantee Ramos

Hold on to your seats because Director Adam Robitel does it again with his new psychological thriller “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions”. If you haven’t watched the first installment you’ll need to catch up. In part two of the “Escape Room” franchise Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Ben (Logan Miller) work together to figure out who’s behind the life threatening games which involves taking a trip to NYC. Unfortunately, Zoey’s hunt leads to opening Pandora’s box all over again but, this time she has new company.

I had the chance to speak with Director Adam Robitel along with actors Logan Miller, and Holland Rolland (Rachel) about their experience on set, the creation behind it and so much more. “I’m sorry you had a hard time breathing but, that’s what we wanted” Robitel jokingly teases me. I asked the director if he had any treasurable memories, he stated “I was really close to my grandmother, and she passed away, an amazing lady but, she raised me on really really scary ghost stories. It’s the reason I love horror in a way. She would tell stories, things that may or may not have happened in her house and she would scare my fully grown male friends, Robitel chuckles. “I’d look around at all their scared faces, beers in their hands, just terrified of the stories this little sweet old lady was telling them. So I have great memories of her gift for storytelling and I try to do that in my movies that I make.”

Logan Miller and Holland Rolland also opened up about being on set, I asked them what was the hardest room to film in. Miller shares that his sand scene was the most uncomfortable and challenging, “It got in crevices I didn’t even know existed”. On the other hand Rolland said “I actually enjoyed the sinking in the sand but, The hardest part for me was definitely the bank room because the counters were really high and I had to jump on the counters without my hands and when you’re yay tall, it was quite difficult to take that kind of physical leap without using your upper body”

From start to finish you thoroughly enjoy “Escape Room: Tournament of Champions” . Don’t miss this one when it releases on July 16, 2021.