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Everything You Missed From ‘AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM’ Official Trailer

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Thanks to this morning’s theatrical trailer for the long-awaited sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, we finally have our initial glimpse at it. It appears that the film may indeed justify the prolonged anticipation.

The trailer begins with Arthur setting the stage by saying, “Four years ago, I was essentially without a job. Now, I am a husband and a father,” while we witness baby Aquaman Jr. We are aware that he is no longer unemployed, as he has become the ruler of Atlantis. However, everything is not necessarily going smoothly.

Black Manta, who is still seeking revenge for his father’s death by Aquaman in the previous movie, enters the scene. He declares his intention to kill Aquaman and devastate everything that is important to him. He plans to murder Aquaman’s family and obliterate his kingdom completely. In order to carry out this plan, he possesses new gadgets showcased in the trailer, such as an impressive undersea mantis ship. Of greater significance, he wields a radiant black trident that has granted him additional abilities.

Aquaman visits his brother Orn, who was the villain played by Patrick Wilson in the first movie. Orn seems to have been exiled or imprisoned due to his past actions, but he has grown a significant amount of facial hair during this time. However, what is more significant is that he possesses information about the trident.

“In the time of King Atlas, there were seven kingdoms, and this trident was a curse to them all,” Orne says. However, the Black Trident isn’t a direct take on DC Comics, so it’s hard to say for sure what it’s all about, but it’s likely inspired by one or more (probably more) lost Atlantean relics, such as the Scepter, which when -sank Atlantis.

Mera, portrayed by Amber Heard, only makes a single, brief, out-of-context appearance and is not directly mentioned at any other point.

Before the trailer reveal, GameSpot attended a press event in which director James Wan presented the trailer and had a discussion about the film for approximately thirty minutes. During this discussion, he talked about various topics including Mera, the changes happening at DC, and future plans for Aquaman. You can find his comments in detail here.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom features Jason Momoa, who just finished portraying a villain in Fast X (despite filming this Aquaman movie earlier), alongside Patrick Wilson as Orn, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta, and Nicole Kidman and Temeura Morrison as Aquaman’s parents. It has been reported that a Batman character will also appear in the film, although it is currently unclear which version will be included as there is no depiction of Batman in the trailer.

Despite the current disarray in the greater DC Universe of films following the underwhelming performances of Black Adam, Shazam 2, The Flash, and Blue Beetle at the box office, along with rumors of James Gunn and Peter Safran rebooting the entire cinematic universe, the situation is not much stranger than when the first film was released, merely a year after the Justice League fiasco.

Regardless of those circumstances, the first movie managed to earn over a billion dollars at the box office. Will director James Wan be able to achieve another extraordinary feat? Discover the answer when Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is released in theaters on December 20th.

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