‘Batwoman’ unveiled the first look at the super-suit Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder will wear when she picks up the Crimson Knight’s mantle in season 2.

The new suit will make its debut in season 2 episode 3. Leslie will be the first black woman to portray Ryan Wilder in a live-action version of the superhero on TV or film. Leslie will be taking over for Ruby Rose, who led the show during its first season.

“I felt it was important that viewers could tell by the silhouette that Batwoman was a Black girl. With the form-fitting suit and beautiful Afro, we definitely nailed it!” – Javicia Leslie on becoming Batwoman

The new Batwoman suit idea came from Maya Mani. Mani said, “the design is meant to highlight Leslie’s physical athleticism and offer a fresh take for the new character.” Janice Workman created the new wig and Cory Roberts was the makeup stylist.