Florida Couple Accused of Bestiality: Samantha White Allegedly Engaged in Sexual Acts with Family Dog, Husband Recorded

Florida Couple Accused of Bestiality: Samantha White Allegedly Engaged in Sexual Acts with Family Dog, Husband Recorded

A married couple in Lee County, Florida, has sparked outrage and disgust after facing bestiality charges for allegedly sexually assaulting their family dog on multiple occasions. Samantha White, 26, and John White, 29, were arrested by authorities on Friday, February 15th, in connection with the disturbing case.

The allegations against the Whites paint a horrifying picture of animal abuse within their household. According to Alaska’s News Source, Samantha is accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with one of their family dogs while John purportedly filmed the appalling act. Concerns have been raised about the welfare of the dog involved, although it remains unclear if any injuries were sustained during the assaults.

While the couple owned other dogs, authorities have not confirmed if these animals were subjected to similar acts of abuse. Following their arrest, the Lee County Domestic Animal Services intervened by removing four dogs from the Whites’ residence. WDBO News reported that all canines were promptly taken to a veterinarian for thorough medical evaluations to assess any potential injuries.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno of Lee County expressed his profound condemnation of the couple’s actions, stating, “I am disgusted by the actions of these two North Fort Myers residents. I will not tolerate any kind of abuse in Lee County.” Sheriff Marceno emphasized his commitment to protecting animals from such despicable behavior, reaffirming his dedication to holding criminals accountable for their actions.

As the investigation into the case continues, the community is left grappling with the heinous nature of the allegations. The state of Florida has a bestiality bill, Senate Bill 344, enacted in 2011, which prohibits residents from engaging in sexual acts with animals, recording such acts, or participating as observers.

The disturbing incident sheds light on the plight of sexually abused pets and the signs indicating their suffering. According to the Neighborhood Watch for Pets, sexually assaulted animals may exhibit various symptoms, including loss of fur, blood around the genitalia, wounds on the tail, bruises on the rear or vaginal region, and fur matting. Additionally, these animals often endure neglect at the hands of their abusers, further compounding their trauma.

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