Foster Mom Arrested on Murder Charges After 5-Year-Old Boy Found Dead in Sewage Drain

Foster Mom Arrested on Murder Charges After 5-Year-Old Boy Found Dead in Sewage Drain

An Ohio foster mother has been arrested and charged with murder after her missing 5-year-old son, Darnell Taylor, was discovered dead in a sewer drain. The horrifying discovery came after an Amber Alert was issued in response to concerns raised by the foster son’s father, who stated that his wife, Pammy Mae, had made statements suggesting harm to the child.

The search for Darnell came to a tragic conclusion when officers discovered his lifeless body in a sewer. Pammy Mae was then arrested and charged with kidnapping and child endangerment. At a press conference following the finding, Police Chief Elaine Bryant disclosed that Darnell was thought to have been found dead, prompting officials to file an additional murder charge against Pammy.

The circumstances surrounding Darnell’s disappearance and death exacerbate the frightening character of the case. According to reports, Pammy allegedly impeded her husband’s efforts to phone 911 by putting her hands over his mouth and signaling that she had a plan before fleeing the scene.

Despite her attempts to elude capture, investigators found her abandoned vehicle three hours after the Amber Alert was issued. Pammy was eventually apprehended after a concerned business owner noticed a woman acting strangely near their premises.

Pammy was sent to a nearby hospital for unspecified treatment after her arrest. However, at this time, investigators were able to elicit information from her, which led to the terrible finding of Darnell’s remains. The small boy had been in the care of the foster family since May, which added to the grief of his premature death.

Following this tragedy, officials contacted Darnell’s biological family to offer them assistance and sympathies. The neighborhood is still hurting from the loss of a young life and the troubling circumstances surrounding his death. As the inquiry continues, questions remain concerning the events leading up to Darnell’s disappearance, as well as the behavior of those in charge of his care.

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