Photo Courtesy of Fox Sports/Allison Farrand/NBAE Via Getty Images

Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed in February by Gregory and Travis McMichaels while going for a jog in a neighborhood in Brunswick, in Glynn County. The video of the malicious crime was released to the public today.

Many celebrities have used their platform to help Arbery and his family justice. LeBron James went on social media to shed light on this tragedy. James has always spoke out about police brutality and white supremacist attacks on people of color. He uses his platform wisely to talk about the injustices in America.

Jason Whitlock chimed in on LeBron James twitter post about Ahmaud Arbery.

Someone please tell Jason Whitlock that LeBron doesn’t just have to shut up and dribble. One minute we can’t ask people with platforms to use it to uplift others and then turn around and say they are using a tragic story to uplift their brands. This was such a wack move from Jason Whitlock. He missed the BIG PICTURE this is bigger than Michael Jordan vs LeBron James debate.

Social media went crazy over Jason Whitlock tweet to LeBron:


The McMichaels are currently walking free today as they please which is honestly ridiculous since authorities had this footage way before the public saw it.