Trigger Warning: A father in Oklahoma City has murdered his three children, all of which were under seven years old, and then proceeds to kill himself in a triple murder-suicide.

He went on Facebook live before killing his children and himself. The father accused his baby mother of cheating and giving him an STD during the Livestream.

Oklahoma Oklahoma City Police Department officers found the bodies in a vehicle that was parked after a pedestrian discovered them. The bodies were found around 7:30 am. The police started to search for them around 4:30 am after multiple people alerted them about the video.

The police have not released any information about the three kids and their father but since it was a live stream people have already sent their prayers and condolences out to the three kids on social media. The kids have been identified as Kyren, Aliyah, and Trinity Littlejohn. The father was identified as Francoise Littlejohn.

Our condolences go out to the three babies and their loved ones.