Free Ray Shawn Official Trailer: Stephan James Gets Set Up By The Police


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This new series is something we all should look out for on the new streaming services Quibi. Free Ray Shawn, is set to premiere on April 6th starring Laurence Fishburne and Stephan James.

The series takes place in New Orleans, where Rayshawn, a young black army vet (James) has just returned from the Iraq war. In the trailer, he is set up by police in a drug deal and locks himself inside his apartment with his wife and young son, brandishing a gun to protect them as Chicago PD and a SWAT Team wait outside, threatening to storm the building. Fishburne plays a sympathetic cop named Steven Poincy who tries to mediate the situation. As tensions rise, a large crowd gathers outside the building, causing a supportive chant and a social media hashtag to crop up.

This series also stars Annabeth Gish, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Thomas Blake Jr., Mitch Eakins, Jesse C. Boyd, and Brandon Severs.

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