Gloria Bambo was found hanging in her white roommate’s garage and the local police believe that she committed suicide. The McKinney Police Department took to Facebook to clear up any rumors surrounding Gloria Bambo’s death. They said that they usually don’t comment on suicides, but feel the need to now because the case is so public.

They say that the investigation is still underway but have so far not found any evidence that Bambo was the victim of a crime.

A post on Twitter from @ImNotJanel, an alleged friend of Gloria Bambo’s roommate, claims to have information “the correct information in regards to her passing”.

Twitter account @ImNotJanel says, “My friend, who was also #gloriabambo ‘s roommate asked me to make this post on his behalf and share the correct information in regards to her passing. a lot of people have been so quick to retweet and spread false information. These are real people. These are grieving people.”

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