A 4-year-old boy lost his life during swimming lessons. The little boy has been identified as Israel Spencer Scott and it appears his parents still don’t know how this happened to their boy.

Dori Scott, the mother of Israel Spencer Scott took to Facebook to address some questions about her son’s tragic death. She asked why was he missing for so long, why didn’t the swim instructor not administer CPR, and why was swim instructor’s friend incite racist statements.

Lexie Currington TenHuisen is the swim instructor who was giving swim lessons to Israel Spencer Scott. Swim Lessons with Lexie has deleted its Facebook page.

A Facebook user Lizzie Moats took up for Lexie and victim-blamed Scott’s mother.

Lizzie Moats screenshot

In Lizzie Moats’ Facebook post comments section, a woman named Jessica Hill Fearneyhough commented that said, “SMH. I’d definitely pick and choose each and every child I taught in the future. No more Tyrone’s.”

Jessica Hill Fearneyhough screenshot

After receiving massive backlash, Jessica Hill Fearneyhough has deleted their Facebook page and Lizzie turned her page private.

Israel Scott’s GoFundMe page is here if you want to support his family.